EL-VIS Changelog


A detailed changelog for EL-VIS, the digital tool for the electrical industry. Find out about news, updates and fixes for EL-VIS Online.

Release 2022-11-29

πŸ”§ Backups of cable calculations is fixed so that they don’t happened to often

πŸ”§Β Fixed so that double borders is not shown on focused fields

πŸ”§ Fixed so the top section in a switchboard is not cut on smaller views

πŸ”§ Fixed some performance regarding notification icon on the grid in EL-VIS Cable

πŸ”§ Fixed some words that was not translated from Swedish

πŸ”§ Fixed the overtones correction values in EL-VIS Cable that was not correct in a very specific occasions

πŸ”§ In EL-VIS Template module the add protocol button on the row is back to be green from being grey for some reason

πŸ”§ Now it should not be a problem accessing EL-VIS Cable for users that hasn’t been in the app for a long time

πŸ”§ Now you can’t see cables that is placed after the cable you have “cut” when pasting it

πŸ”§ Several backend libraries has been updated

πŸ”§ Our Finnish phone number is now shown under Contact us section for Finnish companies

πŸ”§ Overall fix for the search in the topbar that in some cases became broken and showed [Object EVENT]

πŸ”§ Updated some Finnish words to better grammar

Release 2022-10-31

πŸ”§ Download of Word and Excel templates is now working for everyone (previously approx. 15 % of the users had problem)

πŸ”§ It is now possible to create users with e-mail addresses containing more than one dot after the @

Release 2022-10-11

πŸ†• New Swedish power cables has been added: XTREM,Β RZ1-K (N1XZ1-K),Β ALUKAFLEX,Β ALUKAFLEX PUR

πŸ†• New Swedish power cables (single core) has been added: XTREM, RZ1-K (N1XZ1-K),Β ALUKAFLEX,Β ALUKAFLEX PUR

πŸ†• New cable sizes has been added for some Finnish installation cable types: MMJ: 16 & 25 andΒ MMJ-HF: 16 & 25

πŸ”§ Contact section in the app is now working again

πŸ”§ Couldn’t choose PEN for a cable if the cable before is not configured

πŸ”§ If you as a user is connected to several companies you will now only see the cable calculations for the company chosen and not both

πŸ”§ Now it’s possible to click the green confirm button if adding a new risk in our risk template

πŸ”§ Print for detailed data in our cable module was missing data for newly created cables if not clicked on before printing

πŸ”§ Some Finnish typo has been fixed

πŸ”§ Some Swedish typo has been fixed

πŸ”§ Special characters is now allowed in the name of the Self-audit scheme

Release 2022-10-04

πŸ†• A user can now enable or disable page break between different checklist protocol types

πŸ†• Data about number of cables in a pipe is now shown the detailed print

πŸ†• Now the Swedish texts in the module Self-Audit Scheme is updated for multi employee companies

πŸ†• We have added English translations for the module Self-Audit Scheme if multi employee companies

πŸ”§ A cable input data was not completely cleared if no end point is calculated on cable before

πŸ”§ Earth fault impedance of the feeding point data was not updated for cables after unless opening them

πŸ”§ For a copied wire system, the active cable was set randomly and didn’t match the original

πŸ”§ For iPhone users the search bar was not getting focused, showing the keyboard, when clicking on search action button in topbar

πŸ”§ In read only mode and in a document in Template module the title was not shown

πŸ”§ If using previous protection and Fuse 5s and manual temperature, grounding resistance gave a value that was too high in feeding point in second cable.

πŸ”§ In the Commissioning Protocol an empty control point row looked smaller than other rows on the pdf

πŸ”§ Now the e-mail field is validated when creating a new user

πŸ”§ Some calculations where not shown on parent until clicking on a cable after

πŸ”§ Some times the user was not able to add rows on checklist protocols

πŸ”§ The read only mode was looking different in some parts inside a wire system in the Cable module

πŸ”§ User was able to change a document name to an empty one

πŸ”§ When trial the user couldn’t add documents to a Project from the modules Info and Template

πŸ”§ When viewing an obsolete document in Info module and reloading (F5) is made the document went blank

πŸ”§ + many more smaller fixes included updated necessary libraries

Release 2022-09-20

πŸ†• A new dashboard for EL-VIS Template with quicker ways to create a document

πŸ†• Classic templates (Word and Excel) from our legacy Windows application is now available in the web application

πŸ†• Mark templates as favourites and access them easy from the new dashboard

πŸ†• New better list for all documents at the company with more data and easier filter access

πŸ†• Old digital publications (standard or handbooks) is now highlighted in red under the section “My company”

πŸ†• The online template for switch boards can now have 26 columns in the group placement

πŸ”§ Fixed so the result panel in the cable dimension module is shown again in small views

πŸ”§ In the print for the self-audit scheme we have added more info to the title (Swedish only)

πŸ”§ Now you can add old digital publications (standard or handbooks) in the bulk operation “assign licenses”

πŸ”§ The sender of the self-audit scheme status e-mails is now “EL-VIS Egenkontrollprogram” (Swedish only)

Release 2022-06-28

πŸ†• New simplified and cleaner design for e-mails sent from the system. In cases you as a user send something from the system your company’s information and logotype will be in the mail instead of EL-VIS.

πŸ”§ In the cable calculation module the form section will only load one time instead of two times

πŸ”§ In the footer of a cable calculation print we have fix that the lines sometimes didn’t render correctly

πŸ”§ In the result section of a cable calculation we have fix a problem that could occur resulting in overlapping columns

πŸ”§ Some Finnish text have been modified in the cable calculation module and in the electrical installation verification report

πŸ”§ We have fix so a second user on the same device don’t access the other users cable calculations

Release 2022-06-13

πŸ†• Cable types are now filtered depending on country, at the moment Sweden or Finland. Default is the country your company is active in but it is easy to change to another both as default in new cable calculations but also in existing ones.

πŸ†• Norwegian language is now supported

πŸ”§ Now a new user after chosen a password will be automatically logged in instead of getting a message that the user information was wrong

πŸ”§ Sign and lock a document will now work again after not being saved correctly

πŸ”§ Some default values in checklist protocols that was not chosen will not be shown on prints anymore

Release 2022-05-11

πŸ†• Contact module to manage all persons, companies, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.

πŸ†• Currency can now be changed at a company level in My Company module and in EL-VIS Cable for the current wire system. Default is set depending on country you are active in.

πŸ†• Energy efficiency calculation in EL-VIS Cable for economical and environmental savings is now released in the Finnish market

πŸ†• Version history in EL-VIS Template with ability to view and restore automatically saved versions

πŸ”§ EL-VIS Info will only show categories relevant for the active country

πŸ”§ The read-only view in EL-VIS Template has been redesigned to be clearer and with a new quick way to create a copy

πŸ”§ Values for energy price and carbon dioxide emission is no longer rounded on print

Release 2022-04-27

πŸ†• Energy efficiency calculation in EL-VIS Cable for economical and environmental savings (Swedish market only. Soon other markets will be active also)

πŸ†• Version history in EL-VIS Cable with ability to view and restore automatically saved versions

πŸ†• Now documents in EL-VIS Info are country specific making you see only documents that are relative to your default country (for Aland Islands documents from Finland and Sweden are also shown)

πŸ†• Support of default country for you as a customer making EL-VIS ready to diversify content depending on which country you are active in

πŸ”§ In Swedish we have changed the name for load capacity and trimmed the names of the calculation titles

πŸ”§ Now translations will work again if switching language in read-only mode

πŸ”§ The Swedish krona (SEK) has changed name for the Swedish speaking users from kr to SEK

πŸ”§ The read-only view in EL-VIS Cable has been redesigned to be clearer and with a new quick way to create a copy

Release 2022-04-06

πŸ†• Now the PV-system template has Finnish translations also

πŸ†• E-mails that are being sent from the system are now having Finnish translations also

πŸ”§ Some Swedish definitions has been fixed in the sections handling discount and customer prices

πŸ”§ Voltage drop calculation is now correct if 1-phase and several cables in series

Release 2022-03-23

πŸ”§ If printing all cables as detailed data in the same PDF the feeding point will no longer be on a own page, looking like a cable.

πŸ”§ The search in the PDF viewer is now working again.

Release 2022-03-21

πŸ†• Print all cables in same PDF for detailed data

πŸ†• View cable calculations from colleagues in read only view

πŸ”§ Add/remove licenses from the user section in my company is working again

πŸ”§ Graphic on PDFΒ will now be shown when refreshing the page and PDF is opened

πŸ”§ Missed translations has been fixed in some places

πŸ”§ Pagination is now centered in cable start view

πŸ”§ PDF viewer will now work good again after major release from third party

πŸ”§ PDF can be opened for older calculations again

πŸ”§ Search will now be reset between modules

πŸ”§Β Short circuit current value (ik3 Max Beginning) is now updated correctly on children cables even if not clicked on

Release 2022-02-23

πŸ†• Backup solution for documents and calculations

πŸ†• Better view and editing of protocols in all the checklists

πŸ†• Specialised PV-system checklist available in EL-VIS Template

Release 2022-01-18

πŸ†• Cable list print in EL-VIS Cable

πŸ†• Create a copy of your calculation in EL-VIS Cable

πŸ†• Create a copy of your document in EL-VIS Template

πŸ†• Create a new document from an old document in EL-VIS Template, keeping the structure but clear all data, making all your documents living templates



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