See all colleagues’ calculations in EL-VIS Cable

21 mars 2022

Now you can choose to see all your colleagues' calculations in EL-VIS Cable and create a copy of them. It is also possible to open them in a read-only mode.

1. Choose to see the office’s calculations via the filtering

At the top right of the list of all calculations is a link to open the filter. Click there and activate the display of all calculations for your office.

Link to the filter in EL-VIS

2. Open a colleague’s calculation and view it in read-only mode

Click on a colleague’s calculation to navigate in it just as if it were your own calculation inside EL-VIS Cable. You constantly see the light yellow line at the top that reminds you why you can’t do anything with it.

Worth knowing is that you can create documentation just as usual and print.

Read only mode in EL-VIS Cable

3. Copy a colleague’s calculation easily via the menu

Via the button with the three dots to the right on the line whose calculation you want to copy, you choose to create a copy. You will then receive your own copy which you own and can edit.

List of calculations in EL-VIS Cable

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